About me

I’m a Full Stack Software Engineer with a strong background as a Linux system administrator at scale.

I’ve been passionate about configuring and managing networks and servers since the first day Linux was running on my (i486) workstation.

Traditionally my focus has been on finding processes and workflows weak spots, remove or at least simplify them as much as possible with the heavy use of automation/configuration management tools like Puppet, Ansible, Boto and others.

I’m an advocate of Free and Open Source technologies and I’m happy to give my contribution to the community every time I have the chance, both writing code, updating documentation and providing mentoring/coaching when needed.

I’ve been an early cloud (IaaS) adopter and I have been running production workloads on AWS Ec2 (and others) since 2008.

Recently I developed a new passion for web technologies coupled with new development paradigms like Jamstack and Serverless.

I’m eager to share my 20 years long experience and know-how to whomever has a genuine interest in these new approaches.